The virtues of Technology

When it comes to technology, there’s a lot going for it, and there’s a lot going for us as a result. Tech is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days, and that’s because it’s literally everywhere. We live in the tech age, as it were. So much so that we take for granted the super computers in our pockets and the ability to talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Losing our cell phone should be almost a sin, but we’re so accustomed to the literal magic we have at our fingertips that the location of our super computers often simply slips our mind. view latest blog posted at

However, I’m not even saying this shouldn’t be the case. Sure, we should take better care of our tech, because while it’s only getting more affordable over time, it still costs a pretty penny to replace your smart phone. That being said, it’s understandable that keeping track of our phones might not be our biggest priority. So, I’m not going to harp on that point any longer. Instead, I would like to just remind you all of just how good we have it.

First and foremost, I’d be remiss if I didn’t simply rattle off the tech that has been made obsolete in recent years. For example, the phone book. Having just gotten a phone book in the mail, I was dumbfounded. I wasn’t aware they still existed, and I had forgotten they ever had. We can get anyone’s phone number (that wants us to have it) from the internet. Likewise, most of our shopping can be done online.


You can actually get your tickets to the big game this weekend and your matching hat from Lids within mere minutes of each other and both without ever moving from your computer chair. Books, even books, are only still relevant for this inexplicable aesthetic value no one can really explain. Meanwhile, you can find a more convenient, more readily available, version of all of your favorites, and potential favorites, with a couple of clicks and a credit card.

Another thing to consider is that knowledge, of all kinds, is simply more available to us now. When we see shady things going on the news, the rapid influx of relevant data paints a pretty incriminating picture when compared to what the officials have to say. On a less dour note, it can also be a phenomenal tool for learning new things, including practical skills. Doing some independent research online can help you improve in just about any area in next to no time.